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本競賽依規定可提供數支國內隊伍晉級2017 ACM-ICPC Asia Hualien Regional。
Several domestic teams participating 2017 ACM-ICPC Taiwan Programming Contest will advance to 2017 ACM-ICPC Asia Hualien Regional.

1. 日期 Date

2017年08月15日 星期二
Tuesday, August 15, 2017

2. 地點 Place


3. 競賽時間長度 Contest Duration

3 hours

4. 題組 Problem set

總題數至少七題,所有題目均有中英文雙語版本敘述,半數可由 Python 3 解出。賽後將提供中文題解資料。
There will be at least 7 problems to be solved. The description of each problem will be available both in English and in Chinese. At least half of them are solvable in Python 3. We will provide solution sketches for every problem in Chinese.

5. 報名 Registration

請使用 ACM-ICPC 官方網頁註冊。
Please visit the official website of the ACM-ICPC.

6. 報名期限 Registration Deadline

2017年08月05日 星期六
Saturday, August 5, 2017

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us. E-mail: